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You know what can be hell this time of year? Getting an annoying Christmas song stuck in your head! Especially one of Cliff Richards Christmas Songs! *sigh* Anyway on with the drabbles!

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My final two drabbles for the prompt

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Willow knew there were many causes that needed help. So many that she could get involved in, help them. Give time, money, support to. She may be a high school student, but that was no excuse not to be aware that people needed help. As she considered the Universities and Colleges willing to take her in and educate her, she knew the opportunities she had for a glittering future, and please her parents.

Then Willow also knew the cause she wanted to be active in. It wouldn’t lead to any awards or recognition. Buffy’s fight would also be her fight.
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Oz looked into Willow’s eyes. He was catching up with everything the Scoobies had been doing. He took vampires in his stride, and was ready to stand by Willow no matter how dangerous it got. Only one thing surprised him. Willow was telling him about the antics at Halloween, when they turned into the customs they had been wearing.

“So you turned into a ghost?” Oz clarified.

“Yes, I was all of the ghostliness.”

“You had a foxy outfit, but covered it with a sheet.” Oz shook his head. “That is of the awesome, you’re a special lady.”

Willow blushed.
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It seemed strange that, with everything Wolfram & Hart did, there were no ghosts here. Not a single haunting to disturb the busy workforce. Lilah went into Lindsey’s office to torment him with his latest failure, and the lack of taste that led to him falling in love with Darla. She almost shuddered when she felt a drop in the temperature. There might not be any ghosts in the building, but the whatever did haunt the place seemed to be the deathly foot of displeasing the Senior Partners and thwarting their plans. She hoped she would never know their wrath.
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It was Halloween. Darla, Angelus, Drusilla and Spike slept, having ate well the night before, knowing they would be having a holiday. Drusilla stirred with the dying day, the moonlight casting shadows in the room she shared with Spike. She heard the voices of the dead. Ghostlike whispers from the walls, they told her tales of their final passing. As Drusilla rose to listen to the ghosts tales, Spike awoke. He watched her move towards the door.

“Do you hear them? Such delicious torment. The trapped spirits unable to move on.”

Spike watched her.

“Seems ghosts don’t take Halloween off.”
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Had to get Spike and Dru in! Final one.

Drusilla pouted at Spike. She moved towards him, her eyes flashing anger.

“The stars have talked to me, my darling Spike. They tell me about humans who dwell underground, human technology. That they will imprison you with wires and metal. No longer will we hunt together.”

Spike took Dru into his arms, he smiled at her. “Nothing and no-one would ever take me away from you, my wicked dark plum.”

Drusilla looked up at Spike, she touched his scar with her fingers. “The stars never lie, the nasty woman, with her nasty boys, will place modern bars in your head.
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There were internal bars in Angel’s body. They held his demon inside, while he was left to feed on rats. He could no longer hunt, had not tasted human blood in a decade. Even the bottled stuff was off limits to him. He had no purpose, direction or self-respect. Dirty, ragged and aimless, Whistler found him. Told him he had a future. That he was needed, he could help to maintain the balance between Good and Evil.

Angel looked at him, it had been a while since anyone had paid any attention to him, that he was willing to listen.
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The team strode into Caritas. Various demons sat at he tables, some with human’s by their side. Angel shuddered. How could humans be so naïve. The sounds of off-key singing from the stage as an unidentified demon sang “Wind Beneath Your Wings”. The Host watched intensely, as Angel sat beside him.

“Oh my word, you are looking intense Angel-cakes.”

“What can you tell me about this demon?” Angel pulled out a picture of a green skinned demon, with razor like teeth.

“Well, sang “We are the Champions”.

“So you read him?”

“Only future he has coming is a large hangover.”
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Joyce cut up the cheese squash for the soup she was making. It was Fall, and making soup, to warm her family when they returned home was traditional. When she had been at High School she had never been part of the in-crowd. Never dreamed of being one of the cheerleaders, or claiming the prize man. She had been happy to do well, and work in the school newspaper.

Now she had a handsome husband, and a beautiful daughter to look after. She felt like the most successful woman on earth. Such a normal happy life. Nothing could spoil it.
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Renee put on her squash outfit, getting ready to play with another slayer in the court. Taking her racquet, she headed for the door. Xander watched her walk down the hallway of the castle towards where they had set up the training rooms and gym, curious as to the game, he followed her.

As Renee set about showing her skill, Buffy joined Xander.

“Hi Buffster,” Xander turned round to greet his friend.

Buffy watched the two girls hit the ball of the walls energetically.

“Racquetball!” Buffy exclaimed. “Why does the rest of the world call our games by different names?”
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Drusilla looked up at the night sky, and shivered. Spike was there to put a reassuring arm round her, holding her close.

“I thought you liked the stars, they speak to you, princess”

“Yes, my Spike, they do. Such wonderful tales they tell.”

Drusilla turned in Spike’s embrace, facing him. A melancholy smile on her face. She reached out to touch the contours of his visage.

“The stars have such a bright light in the sky.”

She seemed remote, as she danced away from him.

“But the space around them is so vast. It makes me feel small and insignificant.”
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More Spike and Drusilla from me!

The con was as old as the hills. The unfaithful “wife”, the outraged “husband” and the sap. They both knew how to play this game, had been for decades. Drusilla selected the victim. Looking like he really thought he was a sexual predator. Spike slipped away into the shadows to allow Dru to work her magic.

Drusilla soon lured him back to the lair, ready for Spike to arrive. Usually the target lost his money, or was blackmailed. This unlucky man was the prey of two vampires. The fall-guy this time not only lost his money, but also his life.

Well I did get a tiny bit inspired by the prompt after all.
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Well it was my prompt, so a couple of drabbles for you! Yes [ profile] hotspur18 the second one might ring a few bells.....thanks for the chat, went a long way in inspiring the drabble! Oh was not on-line yesterday, in fact only just came online, so if you have something you think I should know about, please tell me. I have been skimming and may have missed things!

Clem knew he was a demon, but what made him worse than so many humans, he had no idea. Yes he played kitten poker, and people suspected that he ate the kittens. But he gave them a humane death. He didn’t eat them alive. In fact he liked them, like a farmer liked their livestock. Yes his face didn’t look human, but everyone has their failing. He was friendly with The Slayer, and maintained a friendship with her supporter Spike. So when he was called demon, he was really surprised. Was he any worse than the majority of the humans?

The end had come, Spike had been a brave fighter for the battle of good. Arch-Angel Michael looked down. He had waited for this moment, had fought heaven and hell for this prize. Spend days and nights debating with the others. Yes Gabriel had supported him, and with them both who would stand in their way? The demon Angelus couldn’t be redeemed, so Angel had become human. But not Spike, Spike would fight at his right hand, soul and demon a warrior for the Good, as befitted such a demon, who was able to show humanity, love. This demon could be admitted to heaven. Liam may have his reward, William the Bloody would be an Angel.
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Drusilla danced along the deck of the fishing boat they had encouraged to take them to Ireland. The skies were dark, and the storm brewed, dashing the ship in the waves, as they crashed the boat in the water.

Drusilla could hear the song of the ocean, the whispers from ancient sea gods, the promise of her desires. She was alone, the men tried to control the boat, and Spike slept on the floor of their cabin. Not even this storm was enough to wake him. That was alright, Drusilla loved to dance to her own music, her own rhythm.
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Writen for the prompt at Open on Sunday, the prompt being Saints. 100 words so a true drabble

Title May All The Saints Preserve Us
Author woman_of_
Rating PG13
Warnings Angelus history, nothing graphic.
Character Angel
Summary Angel remembers some of the outrages he committed.

A vampire was killing people in the same method as the disciples lost their lives. Darla always said he had a religious kink. When he was newly turned he looked for them. Those with saints names, he killed them in the same manner their sanctified namesakes had died.

Angel knew what this vampire was about. He was waiting till Angel told his friends what was going on. What Angelus had done, having to see the looks as they were faced with the horrors Angelus had perpetrated. Some of the nightmares he had to live with, knowing they would never understand


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