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Jan. 19th, 2009 05:30 pm
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I was feeling nostalgic, and went back to the first thing I ever wrote on LJ. It was very short, and I only wrote it to practice doing an lj-cut, but thought I would post it again, just cos! It was written on 11:25 am June 20th, 2005, so here it is. Did do a quick edit. My friend Ronnie liked it, if that is anything to go by!

Title The Fan
Author woman_of_
Character James Marsters, OFC
Summary James gets a present at a convention!

The Fan )

Also a quick Sam-centric Supernatural vid rec!

Vidder: Loki
Title: I`m Becoming Untouchable
Song: My Skin
Artist: Natalie Merchant
Warnings: season 4 spoilers
Category: character study, sort of
Characters/Pairings: Sam, Dean
Summary: Sort of Sam character study video with au-ish end. I really recommend you to read the explanations for understanding the video.

The link is here

The embed is here for me to enjoy )
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Title Wolfram & Hart’s Offer of Employment
Characters Sam Wincester, Lindsey McDonald
Rating PG 13
Genre General
Crossover Angel the series, Supernatural
Summary Wolfram & Hart show an interest in Sam, and send Lindsey to talk to him.

Bit worried about this one, as they both sound FAR too British to me! *sigh*

Wolfram & Hart's Offer of Employment )
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For the Spike Goes to the Museum prompt at [ profile] nekid_spike, this time he has taken Drusilla for a present.

Title McCurdy Doll's Museum
Author woman_of_
Pairing Spike/Drusilla
Rating NC 17 (het is not my first love, but well some here).
Summary Miss Edith gets some new playmates

McCurdy Doll's Museum )
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Another response. Yet again not really a drabble, unless you count anything under 500 words a drabble!

Title Whatever I can do
Author woman_of_
Characters Giles, Buffy
Rating U
Word Count 456
Dedicated to [ profile] menomegirl who asked for "Would you consider a Buffy and Giles father/daughterish fic?" I tried my best, set in Season 3.

Whatever I Can Do )
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Not quite a drabble, got a little longer than that!

Title Chance Encounters
Author woman_of_
Crossover AtS and Dr Who
Characters Angel, Spike, The Doctor and Donna
Setting NFA
Rating U
Word count 844
Dedication for [ profile] zoesmith, who wanted "I don't if it could work but what about Spike and Angel meeting Donna and the Doctor?" They do meet, for a while!

Chance Encounters )
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Nervous cos this is the most I have written in nearly a year, and it is un-beta-ed. But I hope you enjoy!

I have a story banner, made by the wildly talented [ profile] shanmara Just under the cut
Story )

Title The Green Man
Author woman_of_
Word Count 969
Pairing Angel/Spike
Rating PG13
Set post Your Welcome
For the [ profile] nekid_spike mission, Spike goes to work

The Green Man )

Blood Red

Apr. 24th, 2008 04:34 pm
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I have only been writing drabbles for months now, but the muse gave me a little something for the Red prompt at [ profile] nekid_spike. I am totally out of practice, and my porn muse a little rusty! Sigh, bet you really want to read now!

Title Blood Red
Author woman_of_
Pairing Angelus/William the Bloody
Rating NC17
Warnings/Kinks Vampire behaviour, Rimming, M/M sex and sacrilegious acts
Word Count 206

Blood Red )

If you take the chance, I hope you enjoy it


Sep. 27th, 2007 10:29 pm
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[ profile] shinodabear did an Angel/Lindsey story for the [ profile] slashthedrabble prompt Envy here

Well my muse and a plot bunny up and bit the bait. Yes they wanted in on it. Angel musing on his relationship with Spike. It is not a drabble, as it is over 500 words.

Title Envy
Author woman_of_
Word count 547
Character Angel
Summary Angel muses on his feelings for William the Bloody/Spike since 1880

Envy )

Men Only

Jun. 17th, 2007 11:38 am
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Sorry have to go out, not sure how long for, but this is my second fic for [ profile] summer_of_giles. Hope you enjoy!

Title Men Only
Author woman_of_
Word count 727
Paring Giles/Xander
Rating NC 17
Dedication For [ profile] sexymermaid. Special thanks to [ profile] hotspur18 who did the beta work, wow you really made it work, polished a rough diamond into this.
Disclaimer All belonging to Joss. Just have a little play with the characters.
Warnings M/M relationship, sex toys minor D/S.
Settings Set Early Season Four.
Summary: The girls have a busy life, what will the male Scoobies do to pass the time.

Men Only )


Jun. 17th, 2007 07:46 am
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My second day at [ profile] summer_of_giles and my first one of the day! Another later

Title Destiny
Author woman_of_
Word count 965
Paring Giles/Drusilla
Rating PG 15
Dedication For [ profile] speakr2customrs. Special thanks to [ profile] hotspur18 who did the beta work, wow you really made it work, polished a rough diamond into this.
Disclaimer All belonging to Joss. Just have a little play with the characters.
Warnings Dark.
Settings Set Post NFA, but no mention of the comics.
Summary: Drusilla has a new playmate for her tea party.

Destiny )
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Well from my post asking what I should do, this one was the most popular. So I'm posting it today! Hope you enjoy.

Title Strengths Weakness Darla
Rating PG13
Warnings None really
Disclaimer Joss’ character, all his.

Darla )
Title Strengths Weakness Drusilla
Rating PG13
Warnings None really
Disclaimer Joss’ character, all his.

Drusilla )

Hope you enjoy!
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Sorry they were still arguing, and the story ended up being Gen.

Title Truth be Told
Author woman_of_
Word Count 500
Pairing Angel, Lindsey
Rating PG 13
Dedication For [ profile] nimenic who answered my rare pairings prompt call.
Disclaimer All owned by Fox, created by Joss. I make no money for this!
Summary After Angel rescues Lindsey in "Underneath", he confronts Lindsey for information.

Truth Be Told )
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Banner for this ficlet, made by [ profile] hotspur18
banner )

Title Supernatural Experience
Author woman_of_
Pairing Spike/Gunn/Wesley
Rating NC 17
Word Count 1,006
Disclaimer Joss is still the boss. I am still just playing in the sandbox, cos he said we could, clever man.
Warning M/M Sex
Dedication for the wonderfully talented [ profile] hotspur18, who is a total workaholic, and a pleasure to have as a friend. Not only the prompt, lovely banner but also the beta! You are really special.
Setting During Season Five
Summary Gunn and Wesley spent some quality time together. Someone decides to join in the fun.

Supernatural Experience )

Hope you enjoy, have fun!

Now the next item I am going to do is a Larry/Xander ficlet for [ profile] athenewolfe I promised it for your birthday I know, but I have finally been hit with a plot bunny for it.....hope to get it out tomorrow!
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Title Observations
Author woman_of_
Word Count 924
Rating NC 17
Pairing Xander/Oz/Giles
Warning M/M sex
Timeline set during early season four
Dedication for the wonderful [ profile] sexymermaid, from her prompt, and my darling [ profile] hotspur18 for outstanding beta work.
Kinks rimming, voyeurism, masturbation, public sex.
Summary Xander and Oz find something interesting to do on patrol. Giles watches.

Observations )
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It is the wonderful [ profile] vamptastica's birthday today, I wish you a fantastic year. I hope it is filled with love, friends and happiness!

Happy Birthday and wishing you many wonderful and creative years ahead [ profile] vamptastica

Vamps has already read this little offering, but I thought some people on my flist might like to read it as well! An RPS, I know I don't usually do them, but anything for the lovely Vamps!

Title What a Little Boredom Will Do.
Author woman_of_
Word Count 554
Warnings RPS
Pairings David/James
Summary James is bored, David is horney. What will be the outcome?
What a Little Boredom Will Do )
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Title Years Later
Author woman_of_
Word Count 560
Character Drusilla
Rating PG 13
Summary Drusilla considers her situation.

Years Later )

This has been playing on my mind for a bit now. Started it lots of times, but this seems to be it now. Perhaps I can move on from it.
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My muse has been a bit all over the place recently, so I thought I wouldn't be able to do anything for [ profile] kindredspirit75 day, but I did manage a little Angel/Spike ficlet. As we both love that pairing. Hope all of you enjoy, as I know I have a few on my flist who love Angel and Spike together.

Title Love of the Vampires
Author woman_of_
Word Count 668
Pairing Angel/Spike
Rating NC17
Warnings M/M relationship, sweet and fluffy.
Summary Angel and Spike look back over a long relationship.
Love of the Vampires )
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Was having a chat to Steph, when this vicious plot bunny hit. So I went to bed to forget about it and get some sleep, the the damn thing demanded to be written.

Title Is This Hell?
Author woman_of_
Pairing Lindsey, Darla
Rating PG 15
Disclaimer They belong to Joss, Fox and ME. No money made
Summary Sometimes the expected can become the unexpected

Is This Hell? )
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I ended up doing something for the challenge at [ profile] darker_spike cos my muse just couldn't resist after looking at all the fairy manips. So a Fairy Valentine. Oh and....well....a bit fluffy at the end.

Title Valentine's Surprise
Author woman_of_
Word Count 1,440
Pairing Fairy Spike/Fairy Angel
Disclaimer Yes, the original characters still belong to Joss, I just wish these two were in my garden
Warnings M/M fairy relationship
Dedication Thank You for the super fast beta [ profile] mwrgana
Feedback would be adored
Rating NC 17
Summary Fairy Spike gets a surprise.
Valentines Surprise )

Settling In

Feb. 5th, 2007 06:07 am
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To a wonderful young lady [ profile] tamibrandt

Happy Birthday and wishing you many wonderful and creative years ahead [ profile] tamibrandt

And a little bit of Angelus, William and Drusilla! Hope you enjoy.

Title Settling In
Author woman_of_
Characters Angelus, William the Bloody and Drusilla
Word Count 538
Warnings Vampire feedings, human folly and masturbation.
Rating PG 15
Disclaimer Joss is master, ME and Fox make the money, I just play in the sandbox cos he said we could
Summary Angelus brings his family to London in 1890, and they find themselves settling in.
Settling In )


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