Feb. 2nd, 2009

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After last night's post about not having any snow, guess what? Yes it snowed. Just a light covering, and will probably be gone by this afternoon, but, yes, snow!

Oh on the subject of last night, I had a dream I was on the Orient Express travelling across Europe, with Jared (who I was sharing a cabin with), my mother and father in the cabin next door. The food was awful, the train stopped and let on some more passangers, with two families that invaded our cabin with their small kids. That meant we couldn't use the cabin ourselves. Very frustrating!

Must add, I was a lot younger, as I guess you could guess with my Mom and Dad still being alive!

Just to add to the post, I know I keep editing it, but there are a couple of shows my friends are into just now. Leverage, which I have found on Megavideo, a site that allows you to upload a whole show for others to watch. Really good for those of us who don't use torrents. Not sure how into Leverage I am a present.

Also a lot of my younger friends are into Merlin. I have a slight problem wtih the programme having been brought up on the old myths and legends. They are also a bit young for me. I keep thinking Colin should still be at secondary school!
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Ok, a video rec for some Janto. If anyone doesn't know Torchwood or Janto, none of this is a manip. This is all canon, and actual captures from the programme. It really is that slashy!

Music Vid - Better - Janto - Torchwood by wereleopard58 here

For my viewing pleasure )

Now I guess I should go get something to eat and make it round to the shop for some toothpaste and Pepsi Max really!
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Damn, Damn, Damn! I cannot write, at all! All the plot bunnies I get are for Supernatural, but I'm too damn British to write such an American show! I was alright with BtVS and AtS while I was writing Spike and Angel, cos I could pass them off with quite a bit of a British style. Spike, well he was English, and Angel when he was human was from Ireland, so I could write them. But Supernatural, forget it! No way I can pass with such an American show! Apart from drabbles!

So unless I can change the plot bunnies to Janto, I guess that is it. It is a bit difficult trying to change plot bunnies for two brothers into Torchwood, or even Spangel! *Wanders back to drawing board*

Maybe when Torchwood airs again this will change!
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James has made arrangements for the following events in the US and Europe!

List of Events )

David had someone run into him at a roundabout and scratch his paintwork. They did exchange information, but the other guy, who was in the wrong lane and turned left into David is trying to get out it it just now. David is going to talk to his brother, Tom, who is a solicitor, so hopefully it will soon be sorted out

Why is it if I am on the phone for any length of time I get a sore ear? Ouch! I said I had to get off the phone to David because my ear was sore, and he didn't sound pleased. I just have sensitive ears!


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