Feb. 10th, 2009

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Please people, take my mind of all the publicity Jared Padalecki is doing for the Friday 13th Premier. I have seen some clips, and damn, I nearly want to see the film now. It is just so not like the film I would usually go and see. I have not watched a slasher film since the original Friday the 13th which I walked out on.

I know, despite looking at Jared on the big screen, I wouldn't enjoy it, and this is all done to promote the film and make people want to go and see it. I mean I did marketing at University. I know what marketing is!

*shakes head I how weak willed I am with a sexy man"
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Hi [livejournal.com profile] luvinthe88and20 I got your wonderful postcard today. Thank You so much, I will add it to my collection, modern section!

I'm going to Luss tomorrow, I think, after I get my medication. David is coming with me, so we hope to get there in time to get food at the Village Rest. I would get the church, has some stained glass windows (they are really lovely), or Viking gravestones (if I can get pictures of them from the old graveyard). Any preferrence?
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I did this one before, but with the changes to my friends List, I wonder if the outcome will be different! I suspect not, but only one way to find out!

Which Man Looks Best In His Coat?

Men In Coats Pic Spam )

[Poll #1347103]

Sorry no Sam or Dean/Jared or Jensen. They never seem to wear a coat.

Ok so I have found them now.......But not as their characters, only as themselves!


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