Feb. 18th, 2009

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I think I finally have a Supernatural, or I should say, Jared/Jensen fic bunny I can work with.....or it could be Sam/Dean! Not sure yet.

Ok so set in the Buffy!Verse, with Sire!Jared/Childe!Jensen, totally fiction vampire AU. Ok if you haven't run off screaming yet, a little except!

Sire!Jared/Childe!Jensen )

Would that work.....or just scrap the idea?


Feb. 18th, 2009 10:49 pm
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I wonder that sometimes Britain comes over as more torrerent than we really are in the subject of biases in favour of the Straight White Man than we really are. We still have lots of discrimination, it is still a fight for right minded people to talk to someone who is narrow minded There is still discrimination. I was brought up in Glasgow, we had major problems with regious discrimantion as well. I still grind my teeth when someone calls me hun. That is a derotatary term in Glasgow.

Oh as an aside, Dumbarton, where I live, about a medium sized town. Second highest in Starthclyde for it's murder rate. That is because of drugs.

We have a British National Front Party, and every so often, and at at time like now, could happen, get more followers. When jobs are under threat, then anyone who is not of the right job discription is someone they find it easier to get rid of.

We STILL have a battle!

Goes off to listen to Bronski Beat The Age Of Consent.

Oh and Scotland, and Glasgow was highlighted. One of the Top Three countires in Europe for Murders. Higher than both England and Wales (and Ireland). We have problems!


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