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Mar. 5th, 2009 07:43 am
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Right I have raved about how I think that CC (Cordelia), is the most attractive woman on BtVS and AtS, and now Ronnie wants to see an episode with her in it from AtS. While a big BtVS fan while it was airing, he has now decided it was too childish. So I was thinking "Waiting in the Wings" to show him (and David) on Friday. We are still going to watch an episode of Season Three Supernatural as well (Fresh Blood).

Well I admit Cordelia's hair is not at it's best on this one, so any other recommendations of what to show them to display her at her best?

*offers virtual Chocolates in icon*
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Another installment has been released!

Title: Fallout - Saving The World 3 [Doctor Who - Supernatural - Torchwood - Heroes Crossover]
Summary: When a star explodes and meteors are about to crash on earth, the winchester brother, the doctor and his companions, the heroes and the torchwood team must join forces to save the planet.
Pairing/Characters: Cast of Heroes, Supernatural, Torchwood & Dr. Who
Fandom: Supernatural /Torchwood / Heroes / Doctor Who
Warnings: Spoilers Heroes (4.04) / Torchwood (3.Trailer) / Supernatural (4.01) / Doctor Who (4.13)

By [ profile] tw_31988 the link is here

embed for me and Ronnie )
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I saw a screencap today of James.....and just look


(screencap by [ profile] sky_prague)

I do think he looks a little too old to play Spike anymore, but my oh my, he looks good! Aged to perfection really!

In fact, I think he might even look better, as so distinquished! Wow, just gimmie, gimmie!

Sorry for posting so much today, but my James fangirl heart just leapt to my throat!
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I deleted the post about "Who Comments Most at This Journal", because it was totally wrong! SO WRONG! So if you saw it and wondered where your name was on the list, it is because it was a total FAIL!

Deleted now anyway!


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