Mar. 12th, 2009

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Ailsa and I went to a temp agency to register for employment. It was supposed to be office work, out of Glasgow, anywhere really. We just both had itchy feet and wanted to work away from home for a while. Both of us in the same place, prefereably.

Ailsa phoned me to say they had something lined up for us, but didn't mention what or where. She had been to the agency and got the details, so could she come over and tell me about it. Of course I said yes.

Ailsa arrived and said "They want us to go prawn packing in Lochgoilhead." Ok so Prawn Packing? WTF? But, Lochgoilhead, it didn't sound too far away, and as my mom and dad said, I could come home at the weekends. This was of course because we though she ment Lochgarehead. Oh no, it was Lochgoilhead, which we found out when we looked at the map. It was in the North of Scotland, on the west coast, across from Inverness. It was February.

After an inital shocked response from us, Ailsa went on to explain all the wonderful benefits of working there. Great money, accommodation....etc.

So end result, we went, in the middle of February. The accommodation ended up being a caravan, that we shared with a girl from Aberdeen, who had lived in Glasgow for a while, and had a very colourful past which she loved to share.

Arrived at work the next day, and found out we were packing prawns into containers still in there shells, in fact some still alive. The larger ones trying to sneak up on the smaller ones and eat them, came home reeking of shellfish.

The first Friday we went out, and came back to find no heating or lighting in our caravan. We couldn't get a new calor gas supply until the Monday. I did mention we were in the middle of the highlands in February. We went to stay in another caravan with other girls who had arrived with us.

During the second week the woman we shared a caravan with decided to move into a farm with a farmer she had met the night before. Because Ailsa and I were not bringing men home with us every night, everyone thought we were lesbians. Had problems phoning home, this was before anyone had thought of a mobile phone (1982).

By the third week we gave up, and decided to come back to Glasgow and our parents. Ailsa took pictures of the caravan that had the roof blown off in the wind, the outside toilet, which you had to cross a wooden bridge to get to covering the stream outside the caravan park, and in the pitch dark (no lights) so you couldn't find the bridge. As well as the tap you had to get to to get fresh water.

Rescue Sheep from the mud so the crows don't peck out there eyes? Ask me how.

Home was never so good to get back to!
I've changed my layout. I'm back to an old favourite. Do not tell me it is Not Work Safe, cos really, are you not viewing in your own style. The colours are really bright, but I find them easy to read. Also do not ask why I changed my layout either.


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