Apr. 22nd, 2009

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My mind has been going a lot. I didn't want to do a rant at my journal, so have gone off to do other things. Guess what I found/read when I was wandering around LJ? A Jared/Misha NC 17 RPS fic.

Now can go to bed and try and get some sleep. I'm going to be totally wasted when I see David tomorrow!
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I received this email from one of my local MEP's.

Good Afternoon

Thank you for contacting me on the important subject of internet access,
I have had a great deal of correspondence on this point, from all over
the EU.

I can assure you that I am and have always been in favour of free access
to the internet, and in favour of maximum privacy. I have always
supported those principles, as have my Scottish National party
colleagues in the London or Scottish Parliaments.

I am delighted that our, and your, pressure paid off, and the amendment
which stipulates that "no restriction may be imposed on the fundamental
rights and freedoms of end users" was approved by 40 votes to 4. This
is, as you can imagine, a thumping majority and I am delighted that the
Committee backed fundamental freedom. We have this morning issued the
press Release below in my name.

Of course, this issue is not over in the Parliament yet, and the dossier
now moves to the full plenary meeting in May for a vote of the full
Parliament. I will continue to press for as much freedom as possible to
internet users.You may wish to keep in touch with this and other
cmapaigns either via my webpage www.alynsmith.eu or even become my
friend on Facebook!

Yours aye


Press Release )

So sounding positive.
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Click as many as you like, go mad. Have fun.

[Poll #1388271]

Drats I forgot Merlin! Damn and Blast! Ok what panels do you want for Merling and entertainment.....Sorry!


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