Apr. 26th, 2009

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Yes, the kids did have a sleep over in the tents last night. Not so bad through the night, but the earliest riser was the little girl who runs around screaming at the top of her lungs, which she was happy to do at 6am, waking everyone up.

I cannot believe they allowed a bunch of kids to sleep in the back garden in this area. *shakes head* It is not as if no-one knows how bad it is, we make headlines in the paper with our drug problem, crime problem....every problem.

I therefore have the creative juices of the brain dead, please don't wait for me to post my response to the challenge before posting your own. I will try and get some sleep and do some writing, but I promise nothing.

I also had problems getting onto live journal as well. Kept telling me the link was broken. I did find a way round it, but was logged out on that link, and had to log back in.

It has not been a good morning so far!

Oh just remembered David is 60 today, must phone him. We met up yesterday and I gave him his card and took him for a meal at his favourite restaurant, where we both had a fantastic steak pie.


Apr. 26th, 2009 02:33 pm
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I did it, I wrote something! Not brain dead after all, a whole drabble!

Title Humans
Author woman_of_
Fandom Good Omens
Wordcount 100
Pairing (if any)N/A
Warnings N/A
Rating PG13
Disclaimer I bow before Terry and Neil in wonder!

Humans )
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More and more of my flist seem to be getting Twitter, and an increasing interest in Dreamwidth gave me the urge to investigate them.

LJ seemed very quiet today, or that could be because I've spend so little time sleeping, I've had a very long day. So it seemed like a good time to have a little look around.

I still don't think twitter is for me. I don't really see myself making posts about getting up in the morning, going out, and that I've had something to eat. I really think I'm a bit too wordy for 140 or whatever word posts.

While at Dreamwidth, with an open ID, I had a look for people I might find interesting. Not really a lot of people from either Buffy!Verse of Supernatural that I could find. I typed in Supernatural and got all of one who list it as an interest. None at all who list Sam Wincester as an interest.

The most active fandoms on Dreamwidth that I'm interested in were Doctor Who and Torchwood. It has lots of communities and people who list them as an interest.

I guess I will still stick with LJ. Seems most of my friend and communities are concentrated here still, and I've joined places only for them to gather dust bacause they are not being updated, or I don't have my friends and communities there. Been there done that (Greatest Journal, Insane Journal ring any bells).
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Hi, just had a pm from someone wanting to defriend me because of all the challenge posts I make. I totally understand, I do make quite a few over the course of the week. If anyone else feels the same, and wants to leave, that is fine. No hard feelings.


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