Apr. 28th, 2009

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It is the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] shadowc44's birthday. I wish you a fantastic year. I hope it is filled with love, family, friends and happiness!

Happy Birthday and wishing you many wonderful and creative years ahead [livejournal.com profile] shadowc44

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Just received this e-mail from a Conservative MEP. So really a measure to increase competition? Improve our internet access?

This way to read the e-mail )

Since they have tried to increase compitition, prices have gone up, we have been pestered by canvessers at our doors, phones and by letter. I do not find it reassuring in the least!

Just received the exact same e-mail from John Purvis Member of the European Parliament for Scotland, please note, no party.

I don't think we can say it is the French, I think the British are at it as well. Hold out hope for the rest of Europe, and the SNP!
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It would seem that rape, the crime, cannot be subjective. It either is or isn't, and there is a victim and a prepetator. I finally got round to writing this after [livejournal.com profile] stormwreath has done a poll on the situation between Faith, Buffy and Riley in Who Are You found here

Ummmm! Is it that clear cut? Would someone in a relationship be believed? Especially in a doubious one. When David was at university, he had to listen (in the dorms) to a girl pleading with her boyfriend to "Rape her" in fact screaming it out so much that he could hear her in the floor below. It might be interesting to look at her actual attitudes to sex, but I doubt she could ever really claim the guy was raping her at any point when she was begging him to.

There is also the attitudes of the people to the case. Like the prepetator? You are less likely to believe the accusation. It would be too out of character for them to do it. There is no long lasting effects on the victim? Not really rape, just a no when they meant yes, or crossed wires at to what they were both intending at the time.

There is also some who cry wolf. I know one who went to the police and claimed to be raped, she later admitted she just wanted attention.

This is gender nutral because both men and women can be raped, it is usually more a crime against women, but it is possible.

Any other examples? Thoughts? Opinions?

Oh Dear!

Apr. 28th, 2009 09:00 pm
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Right my brain still wants to do this meta, even if my fingers are resisting typing it. Should I do a Meta on the psychology of an Elder Sibling, and if so, which one. Dean would be the most indepth as there is more data to go on.

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