Jul. 6th, 2009

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Today would've been my mom's birthday. She was born in 1916, and missed the First World War, but lived through the Second. The youngest of four, with two older brothers and one older sister.

She got her wish, and was never a burden to anyone, keeping her strength in body and mind until the end, she died on the 12th May, 1992. Just before my first year exams at university. I missed my Economics exam as that was the day of the funeral. Not surviving my father for long who died on the 25th November, 1990. They were both 75 when they died, from heart and lung falure.

She lived through some really terrible times in history, and, while times could be hard, my father and my mother both survived well. The work they had was always in demand, he was an engineer, and she worked in tailoring. They were always in demand.

They had Jean, and when Jean and Iain Sheridan split up when I was 2 and a half, they took me in and brought me up as my mom and dad. She looked after me while my dad worked away from home, envolved in building power stations in the 60's. She gave up work to look after me and my Gran. Giving up work to become a carer.

When Jean met Dick, in Somerset, and only came back for the divorce it was up to my mom to protect us all from Iain Sheridan when he arrive at our house looking for Jean on the day of the divorce. The only thing I remember was that he had an LP of the Beatles with him. He stromed out, pulling the picture out of my hands as I was reading the tracks in the hall.

Sadly missed!


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