Jun. 1st, 2009

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Going to do an import from Livejournal for this month's posts. Let me know if any of it in any way interfers with your reading list!

It's done. No real problems this end, except that I have a few double entires, so let me know if anyone did get problems from my import.
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I love my on-line friends, I love them because they are not crazy. They do not get involved in fanwank, they know the difference between fantasy and reality. They are intelligent, they are varied, they are all over the world and keep me informed.

They have OTP's, favourite characters and they read some form of RPF, but never ever ever get that mixed up with the actors real lifes.

I Love you! Hugs, Kisses, and Hearts.


Oh I meant to ask, those of you not taking part in the challenge, do you still want to see the Master List with what was written in response?


A server fell over last week, and I was on it. I therefore couldn't get on LJ. If LJ goes down again, here is where you can find me.

At Twitter https://twitter.com/woman_of_

At Dreamwidth http://lady-windermere.dreamwidth.org/profile

I do have an Insane Journal, but keep that for reading Whedonesque, so never post there.

Oh do not be afraid of my dreamwidth posting, I post original content and once a month do a back up for LJ, that was yesterday!

P.S. I still have one DW invite code left, if anyone wants it, PM me.

P.P.S. Another hot day! I'm fair skinned, I'm going to be exausted by this afternoon.


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